Feel it This Spring

Imagine adding a unique fun aspect to an outfit. How would you achieve this? What about a cool feeling and looking texture? This spring is bringing back some past textures that haven’t been popular for quite some time. Are you ready to help bring them back?


Sophisticated pleating will be a top texture this spring. Dresses and skirts will use this fun visual texture to add dimension and flair. Pleats can elongate the body making you look taller and slimmer. Stay away from pleats used in conjunction with busy patterns as that confuses the eye and loses the excitement of the texture.

Pleated DressesPleated Dresses


Ruffles can fool the eye and create fun illusions. Dresses just shout spring and having some fun ruffles creates a visually pleasing statement dress. Ruffled skirts add an unusual dimension to your bottom, which slims the top. Ruffles and fun patterns can work together nicely if done correctly. Subtle prints with ruffles are just right without over-doing it.

Ruffled skirtsRuffled skirtsRuffled skirts


Suede gets mixed reviews and that won’t change anytime soon. This year suede is staying on top but with a catch. Although popular it won’t be used prominently. Vests, handbags, and shoes will use it the most. Take these accessories and add it tastefully to an otherwise texture-less outfit for an unexpected pop.

Suede vestSuede bagsSuede shoes


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