6 Things Every Woman should have in her professional Wardrobe

No matter the financial difficulties you may be facing one unique place you should never cut back on your budget is your professional wardrobe. Whether you are in search of a new career, or you want to maintain your current job, it is very crucial to have the right items to demonstrate your professionalism.

Ladies, it is time to view some essential items in our work wardrobes as an investment. I have compiled six essential wardrobe pieces for the professional woman`s closet.

Closed black pumps

These shoes will always give you a perfect option to complete a look. Ensure that the shoes are well fitting otherwise, they turn to be a problem stored in your closet. How will you feel in a shoe here your toes cannot breathe or enormous shoes that are twice your regular shoe size!

Lightweight Clean cardigan

Also, ensure that you have a smart wrap sweater that can quickly pair with skirts, over dresses and trousers t. It creates a feminine addition that can take away your usual hard coat during the cold days when you need to keep warm.

Lightweight Clean cardiganLightweight Clean cardigan

A Crisp white shirt

A nice white shirt can be a perfect match for most of your skirts and trousers. Consider having Brooks-Brothers cotton shirt that does not require ironing. It saves time as well as demonstrating your professionalism.

Brooks-Brothers shirt

Perfect cut skirt

You can pair this figure flattering garment with many blouses in your closet to create an instantly great look.

Ensure that the skirt fits your body type. If you have the less defined hips (slender figure) a low cut narrow skirt is the best fit for you.

Those of you with a triangular shape (your shoulders are broader than other parts of the body) try a skirt that falls straight and has a flare.

Those of you with curves, a pencil skirt, will work best for you.

Classy trousers that are tailored to fit you

Avoid pants that are too snug on your rear. Also, avoid pants that fare. Just ensure that the pants fit you well. This is an item you shouldn’t miss in your professional wardrobe.

Classy trousersClassy trousersClassy trousers

Professional handbag

I prefer one that has closure. An open purse looks a little bit messy!



It is the choice you make that makes your professional wardrobe versatile not everything you accumulate. Pick the pieces discussed to create a variety of looks without feeling that you need to update your wardrobe.

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