Accessories Fix: Unique Handmade Jewelry from Uncommon Goods

Hey lovelies! I’ve mentioned how much I love jewelry on the blog several times before. Additionally, I love unique jewelry that you normally won’t find anywhere else. I was recently introduced to Uncommon Goods – which is an online marketplace that offers a ton of creative, sustainable and unique items curated by designers and small manufacturers from all over.

As I have increased my jewelry collection, it has become imperative that I invest in some chic jewelry holders and jewelry storage pieces. These can really help in keeping your jewelry organized and it can also add that extra chic touch to your decor. I found a ton of great ones through Uncommon Goods.

I particularly love this jewelry holder by Tracey Shea.  It is a handmade ceramic jewelry holder adorned with vintage fabrics and gold trimming. This would be the perfect gift to myself or even a great gift idea for one of my friends – my friends love jewelry just as much as I do!

It can hold up to 50, yes 50 pairs of earrings (which I have plenty of) as well as your dainty necklaces, bracelets and other baubles in your collection.

Here are also a few jewelry holders that also caught my eye! These items are lifesavers!


Of course I had to post some of the jewelry items that i am lusting over. I was particularly captivated by the handmade jewelry that I came across.


Story of The Earth Set of 7 Bracelets – by Lis Giròn $35.00


Trinity Wooden Cuff – by Henry Wischusen $45.00


Ruby Crystal Talisman Ring by Emilie Shapiro $105.00

And just for added measure – Uncommon Goods has a ton of great options for gift giving! I have already compiled a list of super chic items to get for my loved ones and fellow blogger buddies. Fashion is more than just clothes and accessories. Home decor, plateware, beauty products – it can all be an extension of your personal style and flare! Here are some of my top favorites:

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