Applying Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Are dark circles around your eyes one of your problems? You just hate it when you look in the mirror and see those two dark circles right in your gorgeous eyes. So every time you go out from your house, you make sure that you put eye concealer around them and if you are just staying at home, you want to make sure that you are using eye cream for dark circles to treat them while nobody can see you with it.

Just like foundation and face powder, eye concealer should also match your skin tone. By using it on your face, you can actually hide those blemishes, red veins, and freckles. Just make sure that you don’t put too much to the point that your skin looks caked and unnatural. Most light-diffusing concealers work so well in covering under-eye shadows while peachy or yellow undertones help in hiding blue shadows. Applying eye concealer can make your eyes look like you have had a full eight hours of sleep.


In choosing a concealer, make sure that the texture is good. It is important to opt for one that is light, creamy, and smooth. The concealer should blend easily with your skin so it would look natural. Use a brush or your fingertips to apply the concealer – use whatever works for you. Don’t get a concealer that is greasy, sticky, dry, and chalky. The color should never be lighter than your skin and should not have white or pink undertones.


An eye cream for dark circles should still be used continuously for treatment. However, to treat eye dark circles naturally, make sure that you get plenty of sleep. Ideally, you should have 8 hours of sleep a day and this will guarantee you that you won’t be looking like a panda no more.

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