Arm Candy Do’s and Don’ts

All of girls know that in terms of accessories, arm candy has been all the rage lately. Everywhere you look, the most fashionable girls are rocking stacks of bracelets that add a sophisticated and fun touch to any outfit. While it can be tempting to pile on all of your bracelets to replicate the popular images of arm candy that we see all over social media today, it’s best to take a few precautions when choosing which pieces to include.



    1. The first tip for stacking bracelets is to make sure that there is a theme that brings together all of the pieces you will be wearing. It doesn’t mean that all of your bracelets have to match. Try looking for pieces with a similar color scheme, motif, or design to make sure that they look put together.
  1. Choose one piece that you want to center the rest of your bracelets around. Make sure that this one piece stands out from the rest. It will make it much easier to decide which pieces you want to wear that day and what you want to save for another time. A statement watch is a great piece to choose as your main focus. Michael Kors makes some really gorgeous watches that make for great arm candy but if you’re looking for a more economical alternative then Forever 21 and BP are great places to check out. Their watches are similar in design but much easier on the wallet!


    1. Don’t stack pieces onto both arms. Because you’re going to be wearing a lot of jewelry it’s best to streamline the look and it keep it one arm rather than both. It will save you the risk of looking overdone and it will make it easier for you to choose a few pieces that you really want to wear.
  1. When choosing the pieces for your arm candy make sure you only choose one large piece and keep the rest of the pieces dainty and minimal. By putting on more than one large bauble you’ll take the attention away from the pieces as a whole. Remember, arm candy should flow together like one large bracelet; it shouldn’t be a mixture of pieces you just happened to pile on.

With these tricks you’ll be rocking magazine worthy arm candy in no time!

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