Cosmetic Surgery At Your Lips Service

Who hasn’t felt jealousy over Angelina Jolie’s fabulous, juicy lips? Luckily, cosmetic surgery has performed miracles when it has to do with face cosmetic surgical procedures, and can now help make every woman’s dream come true.

During our younger years, our lips are plump, but while aging they lose their definition and become thinner. That is when cosmetic surgery comes forward to help restore our lips and transform them to youthful and healthy looking ones, with the help of lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation is one of the most wanted cosmetic procedures, where lips increase their fullness through injected substances. Over the years, lip enhancement has developed and has become a completely more user-friendly. During this procedure, small needles are used to inject the right substance in the sensitive area of the lips and it is most likely that anesthesia will also be needed. The most famous technique that is used in lip augmentation is fat transfer, where fat from other body areas is excluded through excision or liposuction and is placed in the lips. In such cases, general anesthesia is most applicable and the total time of this procedure usually doesn’t go beyond 30 minutes.


Among the side effects of lip enhancement is swelling, bruising and itching, that could last up to a week. Also, there is a risk that the lips might look uneven and bleed, not to mention the possibility the implants will look like they are moving! What determines the successful outcome of such a cosmetic procedure is, by far, the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and excellence in services.

You can take pride in having fuller lips for about six months, which is the period the results last and you will probably need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your cosmetic surgeon for another round.

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