Feminine Fashion: Hand Bags on the Big Screen

Television shows and films are often full of amazing fashion: amazing accessories and unusual purses, hand bags and sunglasses that help to set the tone of the entire film.  Sometimes long after the box office has closed and the reviews are in about the acting and directing of a movie or television program, it’s the style that is remembered even more clearly than the characters or plot lines. Though clothes may suit people differently, accessories are an easy way to copy the trends referenced by celebrities in their work on camera, either to reference a vintage style, try a more zany look, or imitate a minimalist approach to fashion.

Fendi Baguette

Sex and the City was a television series defined by fashion, and perhaps one of the most important styles that established Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie as a fashionista was the Fendi Baguette: a classic purse that has been popularized by the brand since the 1970s.

 Fendi Baguette

Here’s Carrie getting robbed – a purple Fendi baguette at the front and center of a plot line for the television show. Carrie wore several different styles and iconic designer handbags, which raised the big question: how could Carrie afford to spend so much on fashion when she was surviving on a writer’s small salary?

The Balenciaga Weekender has been a style loved for years by fashionistas, but they certainly weren’t around back in Any Warhol’s heyday! Though the bag had yet to be invented in the 1960s, the stylists of Factory Girl still chose to keep a chic brown Balenciaga Weekender bag in the hands of Sienna Miller in this fantastic film.

 The Balenciaga Weekender

Want a fashion throwback? Try a Proenza purse to mimic the early 1990s style popularized by Alicia Silverstone in the cult classic film, Clueless. Similar styles by Kate Spade can also be used as accessories for some saucy 90s schoolgirl vibes.

Modern, Minimalist Accessories

Scarlett Johansson is a celebrity known for her effortless style , which is rather informal and casual both on and off screen. This makes this brown leather Mulberry bag a perfect joice for her in the movie Matchpoint, which works well with her button down mens-style shirt and flowing blonde hair.

 Mulberry bag Matchpoint

This classic Chanel quilted purse features a very sleek pattern of squares in a light metallic pallet. Though the brand and style are elegant, the bag itself is not too flashy for your everyday style. Worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, this purse is perfect paired with a fitted dress, simple brown heels and a classy string of pearls.

 Chanel quilted purse

Looking for a simple leather bag but can’t afford the hefty Birkin pricetag? This purse from Two Week’s Notice is a Tom’s handbag that is high quality, yet certainly not as expensive. The look itself is quite minimalist, and yet it adds a lot of grace and elegance to Sandra Bullock’s outfit.


Classy Sunglasses Popularized by the Silver Screen

Ray Bans look good on every face shape, for both men and women, either when dressed up or dressed down. Here, Tom Cruise rocks his classic look from Risky Business, and his shades are just as trendy as they were when the film was released back in the 1980s.

The hit movie-musical Grease showcased a lot of great 1950s fashion, but perhaps almost as popular as the poodle skirts worn by the girls in the film were the aviator sunglasses worn by the guys.

Anne Hathaway’s classic polarized sunglasses from The Devil Wears Prada are a timeless staple from the Chanel collection, which are easy to get either vintage or new from recent collections. Any fashion intern would agree: these Jackie-O glasses are a trend that will always look “in vogue” – both on top of your head as well as on your face.

 Chanel collection

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