Spring Fashion Trends

With spring just around the corner, women everywhere will be looking out for some of the Best fashion trends to take part in. Many of the designers are already coming out with their spring lines, and when you get on the bandwagon now, you will be able to have plenty of time to shop for all of those important pieces to make your wardrobe one of the best looking ones around.

One major trend that is being seen this spring is suede making a comeback. It hasn’t really been around since the 70s, truly, and now it is back. This material is being seen in many different ways, from dresses to skirts, and even some shirts are being thrown into the mix. You can easily mix one of these pieces with things you already have in your wardrobe to dress up the old with a new touch.

suede skirt

Many new pieces coming out this year will have an “x” inspired halter top. It different from the regular halter top design in that it gathers right in the middle of the chest and under the throat, as well as in the back. It’s a great look on a dressy blouse for work, of if you have the reason to wear a gown; it is being seen in many new gown designs as well.

 halter top

Spanish flair is also becoming a trend for this year. Inspired by the Flamenco design, many dresses, skirts, and blouses have gauzy fabrics as well a bold prints and bright colors. These pieces are wonderful for a day or night time look, and you can where them in the warm temperatures you will surely be happy to be in.

Pleats are also one trend that is making its way to the forefront. Unlike just the pleated pant, these pleats take shape in dresses, skirts, jackets, and more. They are multiple pleats that are set very closely, creating a look that is both fanned out and lightweight. Wear these for work or a lovely outdoor party and you will certainly be the talk of the town.

Pleated DressesPleated Dresses

Staying current with so many trends can be hard to do, but with each season, it brings new and wonderful trends to experience and try your hand at. If you love fashion, you surely need to get on board with all of the latest and greatest trends that are being seen today. You will be one fashionable lady when you do.

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