Choosing The Correct Nail Polish Colors

For centuries women have been aware that the use of nail products and nail polish colors can enhance the beauty of your nails and hands. Taking good care of your nails and hands is the first step. This will include good nutrition and avoiding damaging materials, such as household cleaning products, which may do untold damage to your hands and nails. Always wear gloves when doing chores and coming into contact with products that are harsh on the nails and the skin.

Choosing the correct nail polish colors that will suit your complexion is important. Darker skins usually look better with lighter shades and lighter skins do well with dark nail products. Red or brown would also go well on a darker skin. Be sure that the colors you choose will fit in with the general appearance you are attempting to project. More conservative colors are usually perfect for a corporate look. Colors like blue and green will suit a more casual look. The more durable, chip resistant nail polish takes longer to dry while quick drying colors are not usually the best quality.


Nail polish colors can be matched with your toenails if they are exposed. Always apply nail products to clean nails. All traces of old nail polish must have been removed. Apply the nail polish carefully, two coats. Wait for each coat to dry properly before applying the next coat. Applying a clear coat of protective nail varnish is a good idea and will help your nail color last longer.

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