Curious About Discovering More Reasons To Use Dermal Fillers?

With the different choices for dermal filler procedures, it can certainly be overwhelming at first glance. All of them will give you the radiantly healthy, glowing skin you desire, but which treatment will you pick? After reading this article visit a skin clinic to speak with a professional to help you to decide which treatment or combination of treatments will be right for you.

Dermal fillers come in many shapes and sizes but one of the most popular filler treatments is Juvederm. Juvederm is ahyaluronic acid-based dermal filler and is approved by the FDA to treat facial wrinkles as the “next generation” dermal filler. It is one of the most widely used treatments for severe facial wrinkles, scars, and it is even used to enhance lip size. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar in the body, usually produced by muscles, tendons and joints. With age, our supply of hyaluronic acid depletes naturally. The hyaluronic acid is responsible for your skin’s fullness, smoothness, and elasticity for a healthy, natural glow. Juvederm’s hyaluronic acid gel treatment is a 15-minute-process that leaves the skin smooth and natural.That means that the great thing about getting this non-invasive treatment is that you can go on your lunch break, have the treatment done, and go back to work as well as your daily activities right away! Any pain and discomfort is minimal, and the results of Juvederm last up to a year. The nice thing about Juvederm is that after a few treatments, your body will naturally start to produce more hyaluronic acid on its own, so fewer visits will be needed. Juvederm is also recommended for women of colour as it doesn’t increase risk for hyperpigmentation. According American Society of Plastic Surgeons article comparing the various forms of injectable fillers, they talk about Juverderm as an option. “It can be used on all skin types and there’s no risk of disease transmission or allergic reaction. Some facial areas require only a single treatment and results are immediate. It causes minimal swelling and pain.”


In a slightly different category of treatment are Botox injections. Botox is made with a purified protein that temporarily immobilizes the muscles on the face that cause deep facial wrinkles. Botox injections give you both fuller and more elastic skin in less than 15 minutes, through virtually painless injections. You could walk in at any point of your day and leave feeling like you have taken 10 years of age off your face. Your beautiful, wrinkle-free results will last up to 6 months before you need to get another treatment.


“Botox and injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm top the list of most popular non-surgical anti-aging treatments, according to a survey of 2,500 physicians who perform such procedures. According to these facts, we can see that there is a large number of people that turn to treatments like Botox and Juvederm to help fight the signs of aging by smoothing out wrinkles and contouring their face.


Interestingly, while 72 per cent of the population seeking treatments is in that age category, the second largest group is between the ages of 19 and 34. And while women account for 83.5 per cent of the market, the number of men seeking non-surgical anti-aging treatments is growing.” It is no wonder that with all of these quick, virtually painless treatments available that will leave you with healthy skin inside and out that people of all age ranges and sexes are turning to this treatment to get that flawless, glowing skin they deserve!

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