Fragrances to Avoid to Impress Your Boyfriend

If you are a woman who loves to wear various types of fragrances, you should consider this. According to many men, you might stink. Since Brits are used to spending millions of pounds after fragrances every year, it is essential to make sure you are having your money’s worth. In order not to stink bad, it is better to have some useful tips to choose a fragrance before hitting the fragrance counters.

Avoid those pungent scents

Well, it is true that there are specific fragrances that set off some old memories. And your scent must not induce memories of granny. As per some men, they simply hate fragrances that have a strong smell like spices. Simultaneously, when they smell it with their eyes closed, it feels as if they are embracing their grandmothers. It is something like an assortment of church incenses. For other men, their girlfriends smell like granny at a quilting bee when they put on a tea rose fragrance. Therefore, it is wise to avoid these types of scents if you really do not want to look like a grandmother to your boyfriend.


Give a thumb down to flowery perfumes

Across the board, every man dislikes fragrances that have a floral smell. Many men say that they simply hate scents with overly sweet and flowery smell. Well, it is not that it is disliked by men only to contain a sweet smell, but there are some other reasons too. As per the scentology, the way socio and economic trends use to change over time; the trends of particular fragrances also fluctuate. If you look into the trends, you will realise there is a sharp fluctuation of fragrances from the bold, heavy and strong floral scents (reflecting the strong economic boom) to the water-like, ozonic and transparent scents (reflecting the financial crisis).

Well, there are scents that have been resurged, giving you that old essence of the flower but in a different way. They are made with a combination of different fruit fragrances such as lemon, bergamot and Tonka beans and so on. So, it is worth buying this fragrance and wearing it without worrying about your man.

Try out the latest trendy fragrance

The latest trend in fragrances for both men and women is oud. You can try out this. This fragrance is found in different scents. Well, if you want to be on a safe side, you can go with fruit scents.


Many men really like a fragrance that reminds them of uncomplicated and sweet times like their childhood. So, you can choose a scent with warm fruit notes such as Orange Tulle by Jo Malone. However, you should not try to mix too many sweet fragrances. The worst thing that a girl generally does is wear scent on and then different perfumed lotions. If you correspond with me, I would suggest you use perfumed body products separately; or else you will smell like a tanning bed.

The last thing to remember, it does not matter which fragrance you choose but never try to overdo it. Just spray it in front of you and this will be the safest way to impress your man.

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